Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! I thought I'd show a few more vintage Halloween decorations before they are all packed away for the year.
This is a witch decanter.
Michter's Whiskey - her head screws off.

A couple of kitchen witches.

One is a handle holder, her sleeves and eyes light up, the other a spoon holder.

This old witch is a bird house.

A scary witch from Dijon, France.

Witch hat and broom candle snuffer and pewter witch statue.

This is an old clay pipe, from about the mid 1800's. It has Salem Mass on one side.
And a witch on the other.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!


  1. Once again, you have the very best decorations! I especially love that whiskey witch. Do you suppose that after a swig or two, she's a good witch or a bad witch?!
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Wow, they really did the witches up scary back then!

    Happy Halloween!


  3. Always a treat to see your vintage Halloween pieces. You have a great collection! I smiled when I saw the kitchen witches. I remember when those were really popular. Funny how things come and go.
    All my Halloween is packed and put away too now. ~ Sarah