Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Finds

I found this great industrial style typing table for $4. I saw many similar style pieces at the Junk Bonanza, but for much more money.

These are a few other things that came home with me.

A couple of books - another Silver Collecting book and Looking in Junk Shops - from the 60's.

A really interesting little pitcher. It has an O monogram on the lid.

Tiny little dish with Hazel on it- maybe a salt dish?

A bronze broad jump trophy from 1949. Trophies are another thing I saw in abundance at the Junk Bonanza.

And a monogrammed napkin ring - I think it says La Dere?

Linked up to Thrifty Finds hosted by Southern Hospitality.


  1. What fun finds! Especially the table. Very nice!

  2. Great finds! I especially love the little pitcher and the table.

    ~ Tracy

  3. You found some great items. Love the typing table!

  4. Oh, how fun! I would love to go to Junk Bonanza. Wish we had more places like that down South. Thanks for joining! That little table is too cute.

  5. sweet little pitcher...very nice treasure hunt!!

  6. That pitcher is very cute. I like the filly detail on it. And the trophy is very cool.