Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spool Cabinet

I have wanted an antique spool cabinet for a while - but they have usually been out of my budget.

I came across these two cabinets at a flea market - they are handmade cabinets - same size and shape as the sewing cabinets I have seen.

I didn't particularly like the finish or the handles on this one (but I do like the cat on top who decided she might want this one for herself).

I lightly sanded the cabinet and applied a black stain over the current finish, to make it look older, more antiqued.

I found some spool cabinet drawer decals online, and stuck those on. Found some knobs at Home Depot, drilled new holes and put those on.

And that is my "antique" spool cabinet. I'm working on the second one too, and will eventually stack one on top of the other.

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  1. that was so clever! i love those little cabinets as well, but they certainly aren't budget friendly. what a great way to make your own! thanks for joining my party and my blog! :) looking forward to more!

  2. Clever! This looks really nice. I like the new look much better than the old handles. ~ Sarah

  3. How cool is that? It looks totally authentic. Good job!

  4. Terrific job on the cabinets. How lucky to find them, and the kitty is sweet!

  5. What a wonderful transformation! Turned out lovely!

  6. its a very lovely spool cabinet, its the first of its kind that i have seen, just see how easy cabinets have made life for us, if they would not be there for us, what would we do?? a beautiful piece of furniture

  7. wow, what a lovely spool cabinet, i dont think i have ever seen spool cabinets on the internet before, great job done, and a very beautiful find too