Monday, September 13, 2010

Spooky Monday

Even though it is only mid September, we like Halloween around here, and have slowly been bringing out the Halloween decor. Like this spooky crow and owl perched around old photos and books.

A stack of old children's books, all witch themed. I pick up the ones with great graphics at estate sales, thrift stores and antique stores.

These are old glass light covers. Most of them have rounded bottoms, so I lined them up in an old sugar cube tray.

The devil and the witch are my favorites.

The haunted house and the pumpkin stand by themselves. They could also be used as bud vases or toothpick holders.

I am linking up the Spooky Monday at Wendy's Adventures in Wonderland. Stop by to see other great Halloween inspired posts.

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  1. Ok,the light covers are...Wow!!!
    the cat looks creepy, i love it!!!And I like how you set them in the sugar cube tray.
    Have a very Spooky Monday.thank you for visiting.

  2. I like the start of your Halloween decor. BOO!

  3. I like to look for the old children's halloween books too-even though I don't have kids -it's just so much fun!