Saturday, May 8, 2010

Silver Sunday Recent Silver Finds

Silver Sunday again - my favorite! These are silver items I have acquired since last Silver Sunday.
First up is this tiny little box with tiny little tongs. I think it is a pill box, but not sure.
I'm also not sure who this little figure is supposed to be.
There is a slot for the tongs behind the little figure, and a little box with a lid.
I put a quarter in the tongs so you can see how small it is.

This is one of my favorite finds...I love silver that has a gothic feel to it.
This is a shot glass from Reed & Barton.
It has double devil-ish faces as the base.

Little one handled serving dish. In the center is an etched swan scene.

A peacock expandable trivet!
I love finding unexpected and unusual peacock items. I found this at an estate sale.

And last is this beautiful monogrammed ladle. It is Wildwood, 1908, pattern by Reliance Plate. I love this pattern.

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  1. i love that little box. what a cool thing to keep diamond stud earrings in!!! or a really nice ring! you find the neatest stuff!

  2. oooh Wow!! So cool. I hope thats a pillbox:) The devilish goblet and peacock pin....oh my ~ what finds. Happy Silver Sunday ~ Dee xo

  3. Your finds are incredible! I can only imagine what that shot glass was used for.....whatever it was I bet it wasn't a sweet little shot of schnapps.....thanks for participating see you next month! Have a wonderful week.Happy Mother's Day!
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  4. What incredible silver finds. The peacock trivet is spectacular, and it couldn't have found a more perfect home. The little pill box is certainly unusual. I've never seen anything like this. Tiny tongs! How interesting. Glad you found each of these and that you have shared them with us. Happy Silver Sunday Mother's Day!

  5. That is a great collection of antique silver! I like the shot glass very intresting. Have a good Mother's day...Julian

  6. Your finds are absolutely delicious! I think the tiny box with tongs may have been used to serve the tiny artificial sweetner tablets that were used before Equal...
    Enjoy a lovely day...

  7. Yes, I agree with Patricia. We also habe in Germany little sugarbowls with tiny tongs for artifical sweetner tablets. Nice collecti9on. I love the peacock expandable trivet. This is so nice and very useful.
    Greetings, Johanna

  8. Love Your Silver Treasures, I believe Patricia & Johanna are correct, it is a Vintage Saccharin Server ~ How tiny & Sweet (no pun intended)

  9. Interesting finds.. the peacock is incredible!! love it!!
    Hope you have a lovely Mothers Day .. Julie

  10. What an interesting collection of silver you have found! totally unique! I love the expandable trivets. I have two silver ones and use them all the time!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  11. Hi! Your little box with tongs is for saccharin tablets! :)