Saturday, March 6, 2010

Recent Finds, Cats, Pins and Mixer!

These are a couple of things I've found while out thrifting. A pair of Japanese cat salt and pepper shakers. The eyes are holograms. Depending on how the light hits the eyes, they are open or closed. Sometimes it looks like the cat is winking at you!
Pretty 1920's pin cushion.
It has little tiny feet, and faux pearl detailing. Perfect for antique hat pins.
Old hand mixer, with a shield. Very nice and worn. Someone got a lot of use out of it.

There is an antique show in town this weekend, I am hoping to make it there, and have more treasures to share!


  1. At first glance, I thought the cats were made of chocolate!

    I've never seen a pin cushion like that - - -nor one as pretty.

  2. Everything is wonderful. I love that pin cushion...very fancy!


  3. Those are some great finds. Love the cats, a little weird, but interesting. The pin cushion is very sweet, I haven't ever seen one like that either. My favorite is the old hand mixer. You can just see it was well used and made many a cake.