Thursday, March 11, 2010

Black Cat Andirons

I saw these black cat andirons on one of my favorite websites (hilarious site, especially if you love cats - or cheeseburgers).
They are so cool!
I found them online - they have glass eyes that would look like they are glowing when a fire is lit!
I have seen some similar antique owl andirons, but I really like these cats. I think I have to have them.


  1. hey...haven't you seen the one i have? it is on today's post!

  2. i only have one but i love it. the eyes are so cool. i keep mine outside all year long.

  3. Those are pretty cool. I have been to that site before and it just cracks me up! When I need a dose of laughter, I take a quick peek over there.

    ~ Tracy