Thursday, January 14, 2010

Recent Unusual Finds

I've found a few really unusual items recently, or at least unusual to me. Above is a vintage pewter gun shaped monogrammed mug. I guess it was probably some sort of souvenir, or maybe a gift to someone who loved guns and drinking.
It is monogrammed on both sides, which is also unique.
I love napkin rings, and have a collection of silver monogrammed, but these are the first wood monogrammed napkin rings I have come across.
And this is a Texas Longhorn boot jack, though I did not know that when I purchased it. I thought it was a door stop.
It is used by stepping on the flat part, and placing the heel of your boot in between the horns to lift the boot off. Who knew?


  1. Very interesting and unique finds! I love the wood napkin rings with the monograms. Very Cool!

  2. I LOVE that boot jack!!! I wore cowboy boots to school yesterday for a homecoming theme day, and I could have USED a boot jack to get them off last evening!!!!

    I got a real "bang" out of the gun mug too. (pun intended)