Monday, November 2, 2009

This Weeks Finds

I finally scored a dress form! I had been looking for one for quite some time, and had even passed some by, only to be sorry later. But it all worked out. This one is in very good shape. And it is adjustable. It was $20 - I think that it is pretty good price.
Here it is wearing a vintage dress I found a few weeks ago.
I also found this great old lemon lime squeezer, probably from the 50's.
This is a scarf pin or broach. It caught my eye because of the tiny unusual faces. First I thought they were lions, but now I think they are maybe devils (I know, Halloween is over, but I couldn't pass it by). Click on image to get a better look...any ideas to what they may be?
An owl wind chime. Tiny owls hang from the large one, and they make a very pretty noise.

Linked up to Cottage Charm and Family Inspiration's Junkin' sure to stop by to see what everyone else found!


  1. Never saw a dress form that I didn't love! Great finds!
    Back on the junkin trail,
    Laura @ 52Flea

  2. Maybe they are wolves? Always love dress forms!! They are just so fun to use!

  3. WOW!!! That's exactly what we are looking for: a dress form, as cute as yours for $20.00!!! Lucky girl!!! Thank you so much for playing today! We hope you'll join us again!
    Clara & MArcela

  4. 2o bucks and great color....score!!!


  5. $20 is a great price for the dress form! The faces on the brooch look like gargoyles to me...creepy! ;o)

  6. Great find on the form ! You will have so much fun, playing dress up !

  7. Dress forms are becoming hard to find, so you certainly were fortunate, and then to pay only 20 bucks is a real score. Love Junkin Monday!