Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Thrift Recap, Saturday Evening Post

I found a few issues of the Saturday Evening Post from 1947 at an estate sale this weekend.
The colors are great, the above a fall cover.
A couple of them are Norman Rockwell's.
A holiday cover.
They are all in very good condition.
I also found his silverplate tray has the monogram AC.
And I'm not exactly sure what this is. It is a type of stamp, something to do with printing. It is a picture of a lady, probably circa 1920. I think it will make a nice paperweight, or just sitting on top of a stack of books.

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  1. That first cover is definitely our favorite!! We also love the tray, who can pass out a monogram?? Great plan for the printing block! Thank you so much for playing today!
    Marcela & Clara

  2. I love the tray you found , so different ! The stamp thing is a fabulous find & yes would be great just sitting on a stack of books !!
    The Little Things

  3. That's a really nice stamp--I would just let it sit around too! I can never pass up the old magazines either if they're reasonably priced. Such fun to look through.

  4. Wow the color in those covers are fab. I love the one delivering packages, the cow in the back of the truck with a blanket on, what a hoot!


  5. how did you get a picture of what i feel like today for the first one?

    the stamp...not sure what that is called, i have some of those as well, i want to say that the ink sticks to one surface and not the other, therefore producing the image. ok, so that's probably obvious, but i wanted to sound like i knew something.

  6. Fabulous covers and I love the stamp. Where on earth do you find all of these estate sales?? Lucky girl!!