Monday, November 9, 2009

Junkin' Monday Finds

I found some interesting things this weekend. Above is something I picked up because of the interesting scene embossed on it. I had no idea what it was. After a lot of research, I learned it is a silver spoon cup. The scene is a 17th century village, gathered for a snake oil salesman.
The scene shows the villagers listening to the pitch, and it shows the others who have already taken the "treatment" who are being wheeled off in carts. It is very detailed.
I also found this darling gingerbread man cutting board.
A pot that will be perfect for an herb plant next year.
It has lion faces on either side, and is quite worn.
Last, this adorable green eye cat ceramic figure, that is covering one eye with it's paw.
Another successful week!

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  1. That spoon holder is fantastic... A great way to display your fave spoons! We had a pot like that before and I can't remember the exact name right now...senior moment alert! any case: another fab find!!

  2. LOVE the spoon holder, what a great find...the little kitty is adorable...thanks for sharing your goodies!!!

  3. The detail in that scene is remarkable. I think it needs a post of it's own! The cat..adorable, smiles all around.


  4. I have to say first of all, your photos are just the best. Love the cup and the kitty. thanks for sharing.

  5. That cup is very interesting and unique!

  6. Oh, the planter is great! What a good fine.

  7. Love the pot! And that kitty sure is it's green eye.

  8. The spoon cup is swesome~it really does tell a story!! I also love the planter, love those old, time worn pieces. The kitty is precious!!