Monday, October 19, 2009

More Thrifting Finds

Another lucky week of finds while thrifting at estate sales, junk and antique shops. This is a spoon holder I found at an estate sale. I had been looking for one for quite some time. They are in antique stores all the time, but very expensive.
I paid $10 for this one. There is a bird that sits atop the lid, and lots of pretty details. The spoons hang from their holders - 12 of them. The spoons did not come with this piece, I had some that fit perfectly, from a previous estate sale.
I also found this knife holder, it came with 5 knives, one was missing (luckily I have one that will fit). It is not very old, but I've never seen anything like this. I think it will be perfect to sit out at parties near a cheese tray.
This cocktail shot dispenser was found at a thrift store. The quilted crystal ball holds the liquor, the brass tray holds the shot glasses and the brass pump dispenses them. The tray rotates so you can fill all the shot glasses easily.
Very Mad Men-esque.
An old hat pin cushion I found at an estate sale. I recently took a trip to France, where I bought several vintage hats, and antique hat pins. This is perfect to hold the pins.
A cute little wood plant stand for $4. I plan to paint it and use it for something else...but I'm not sure exactly what!
And my thrifting would not be complete without some silver serving pieces.

Linking up to Flea Market Style for their I'm A Flea Marketeer blog party. They will be launching a new magazine soon, I'm very excited about it. If you haven't seen their site yet, check it out.


  1. What great finds. I love the spoon holder! I have been slowly but surely polishing silver plated flatware that I have collected. It really calls to me.
    Enjoyed visiting,


  2. I have never seen (or heard of) a spoon or knife holder, but I think they are great! Great finds!

  3. What wonderful finds! I especially love that gorgeous pincushion and the spoon holder!!

  4. Wow, you found such lovely treasures. I especially like that spoon holder! Have a nice day~

  5. Oh my!! My jaw dropped when I saw your spoon holder!! And for $10!! Oh, dear! Now I am on a quest!! Happy week!...Debbie

  6. What great finds! I love the spoon holder and the pin cushion!

  7. What fabulous finds! I love your spoon holder. Anything with a bird gets my attention :-)

  8. Good finds and different, very interesting! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Oh my goodness, I adore that little bird on your spoon holder! What a pleasant thing to see as you reach for your cereal spoon each morning.

  10. I have never seen a spoon or knife holder. Those are really neat! Thanks for sharing.


  11. Some great stuff! The spoon holder is gorgeous, a great buy! Can't wait to see what you do with the plant stand...looks like it has so many possibilities!

  12. I just *love* that sweet little bird atop the spoon holder! Great junk, love it all.
    So nice to meet you!

  13. hey...that wooden plant stand is the exact same piece as my "toad stool". now it is my pumpkin altar!!! cool!!!!!

  14. That spoon holder is just DEVINE! I've never seen anything like cool, and 10 BUCKS! HOLY COW THAT is awesome!

  15. Adorable finds. You do have an eye for a treasure. Congratulations on some real gems.
    ~ Yaya

  16. Oh wow love your finds! The spoon holder is beautiful and so unique.


  17. I have the same shot dispenser! very cool!