Saturday, July 25, 2009

K Monograms....Everywhere

A while back I picked up a bunch of K monogrammed flatware for my sister at a thrift store. While visiting some more thrift stores this past week, I came across more, of the same exact pattern!
Last time, it was spoons and forks, this time knives and butter spreaders. It was the same pattern, and the exact same K monogram!
I spend a lot of time digging through thrift store flatware bins, and I am always on the lookout for anything with a monogram. They are rare finds. To find this many K's is unbelievable! And, by the way, these were different thrift stores, in different parts of town.
I also came across 4 pink depression glass square plates. I've never seen anything like them, they are very beautiful, with a pretty little floral pattern in the center.
They were a little hard to photograph, they are so delicate and a light pink.
They would make perfect salad or dessert plates.
Anyone that frequents thrift stores knows how hit or miss they can be, this was a good hit!


  1. What great finds! That's exciting that you were able to find the same pattern with the same monogrammed letter. Great depression plates too. I'm afraid that I haven't ever been quite so lucky!

  2. hey....nice find!!!! those are dessert plates (cake plates). they have a little dip in them to hold sauces so they don't run off the plate!