Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fancy Estate Sale

Lots of estate sales again this weekend!
In my area during the summer months, we have estate sales that run Thursday - Sunday, with the majority falling over the weekend. Most of my weekend mornings are spent attending various sales. I look in the local paper to map them out, concentrating on nearby sales. Most of them are run by companies that have websites, with pictures, so I can get an idea what is there. However, you never know what you might find. Maybe there is a box of tarnished silver under a table that wasn't photographed?? You never know... is a good source to find sales in your area.
This weekend I attended one of the largest and best estate sales I had ever been to. It was the house of a prominent doctor and his wife, they were very involved in the arts community. Their house was 5 levels, and packed with treasures. They had the largest silver collection I've ever seen. They had tons of sterling flatware full sets, serving pieces in every imaginable form and function, and almost everything was monogrammed. It was amazing.
Unfortunately, most of it was out of my budget. I did pick up a few onsie silverplated pieces.
All monogrammed pieces.
And a beautiful set of art nouveau spoons with a woman figure on them.
I overheard a worker mention one man had bought $10,000 worth of silver!
It was fun to look around at this sale - it was a pretty rare event.

There were also the normal variety estate sales. I picked up a few more things.
A pair of vintage 1940's cat eye glasses. They are very strong prescription bifocals, so I may change the lenses out, but they are adorable. They have the owners name monogrammed on the inside of the silver frame.
A set of 3 Italian framed pictures.
And 3 of these. I wasn't sure what these were at first, but figured out that they hold individual lemon slices! You squeeze the lemon and it keeps the seeds out.
Here they are cleaned up and ready for tea.
Very clever. Perfect for dinner parties.
I also found a few miscellaneous books, a cookbook, a sewing book, a French guide, all from the 40's.
I also saw something I loved, but had to leave behind.
This old 1920's gas stove was in the basement of one of the sales (sorry about the terrible cell phone picture). It was marked $75, but since it was the last day of sale, it was 1/2 off that! It looked like it was in great shape, I think it could easily have been restored, but I just don't have anywhere to put it! I was so sad, but I couldn't take it home.
Oh well, there's always next week....

I'm participating in Thrifty Treasures, hosted by Southern Hospitality. Check out all the other great finds!


  1. I can never find sterling silver at reasonable prices around here. I love the pieces that you found. And those glasses are too fun.

  2. I love those eye glasses :) I can't imagine buying $10,000 in silver. WOW.

  3. I am in love with the silver especially the art nouveau ones and the lemon squezzer thingys, my husband wants some of those. Cool finds. Marla

  4. Nice silverware. Couple interesting looking estate sales in my area this weekend, but did not go.

  5. Great finds! Too bad on the stove.

  6. It's always a downer when you have to leave something fabulous behind. I love the cat's eye glasses...very cool. :) Stopping by from Rhoda's party. :)

  7. Great finds! The lemon squeezers are nifty.

  8. Wow what great finds! The lemon squeezers are so cool! I found something I didn't know what it was at first too!

  9. Hello ~ what a fun sale - love your silver but, those lemon squeezers are the best !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  10. Really nice stuff! Love those crazy cat's eye glasses- so vintage. Have never seen lemon squeezers before- guess I've been going to all the wrong parties! LOL
    :-) Sue

  11. Hello! Thank you for sharing such great finds! I especially love the spoons, and those lemon squeezers are so cool - would look cute at each person's place setting for tea!


  12. I bet that sale was really fun - almost like a museum.
    I love your little lemon sqeezers, I've never heard of them before.
    Those are some fancy eyeglasses, I've been wearing glasses for 40+ years but have never had mine engraved.

  13. I have never seen one of those old stoves so cheap! What a shame you didn't have room for it! I love those silver spoons that you got, and those glasses make me want to ask my Mom if she still has her pair from way back when!